• Body Balance Whitianga Claudia Pentner

About my treatments

All the treatments I use are holistic body work. Most of them have their roots in Japan or China. The philosophy of eastern medicine is that the main cause of disease is due to an imbalance or blockage of chi within the body.

Chi or Qi can be translated as ‘energy’, air’, ‘breath’ or ‘spirit’. Chi flows through 12 different meridians, these are the energy paths. They feed all our cells and help the body to stay healthy. It is known in eastern medicine that the contact between the client and the therapist is very important.

Although it is not often recognized, natural healing and energy work can be used safely alongside conventional medicine. All the treatments are non –invasive. Gentle touch has been found to promote a positive effect on the client enabling them to remain calm, alert and free from tensions and pain.

It is not the treatment alone which is healing the disease. I give the client the help they need to come back into a balanced flow, so the self healing can do its work. It is the deep understanding of what is going on in our bodies which will help the client to make positive changes in their life. Often I combine more than one therapy style to get the best results.

For all my treatments the client remains fully dressed.