• Body Balance Whitianga Claudia Pentner


Sound Massage with Vibrations

My singing bowls come from a little village in Tibet. They are all hand crafted by the villagers using a process involving over 26 steps. Then the bowls are checked for their tone before they are sold. The bowls are placed on and around the client who is covered and lying comfortable on the floor. The tones are then softly played in a certain sequence by the therapist. The sound and the vibration will help the body to come to the deepest relaxation you can achieve. Because of this the healing information will reach every single cell in your body and the self healing process can go to work. It is not only the vibration of the bowls but the sound as well which can do great wonders.

Full hour $50
To make an appointment please call me 021 250 1278 or 07 866 2313